We collect commitments to our investment opportunities based on signed Term Sheets. Our Term Sheet is by nature non-binding. However, we view them as formal commitments to the Fund so we can reserve allocations based on supply. We keep track of all Investors who request and sign Term Sheets. If you do sign a Term Sheet for an investment we will provide a final date for which you can submit a completed investment subscription to finalize your commitment.

You will be subject to a $500 termination fee if you cancel your investment after completing the investment process. The investment process begins after you’ve signed a Term Sheet and is completed once you have clicked “Submit” from the Transaction Summary page. If you’ve only signed a Term Sheet, you can cancel your reservation without a termination fee.

If an exercise of the Right of First Refusal by the issuer of the equity interests that are the subject of the Fund’s investment occurs or if IPOGO fails to complete your investment due to other company restrictions, you will not be charged a termination fee. While your investment is subject to the Termination Fee, an indication of interest or Term Sheet is not binding.